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Just a little homework

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The day was like wise same in the day of Kathmandu, but when the night starts it starts getting bored. When I reached home at college there was no electricity at my home, thank god there was a back up i.e. inverter so that I could see my things on the table. I just freshened up have a look at my laptop but there was no charge due to load shedding. That was not just the problem of mine but of all Nepalese of Nepal. I was just screwed by the 14 hours a day load shedding, then I just hanged up in mobile which had a bit more charge than my laptop. Just after an hour my mobile was just charge less and I was amazed, but this was not a thing to be amazed because yesterday whole evening there was no electricity and whole day I used mobile in college and next morning it was the same.

Next day when I was on the way to college I saw the buses of different routes moving in different roads. When I was in the college many of the students were late in class because there was the strike in the road of students union because of the government decision to increase the price of fuels and cooking gas. These decisions led to the strike and bandhas which hampered a lot of people and many schools and colleges. If the government just waited for a while and didn’t increase the price of petroleum products and went for making constitution and peace process and after that if they would increase the price it would not matter. So just by doing a little home work if they can save the nation then why they don’t. It was just a matter of some three months to six months.
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