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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Health refers to the state of being physically,mentally and socially well and absence of disease.As saying goes "Health is Wealth" which means health is the main factor for human development.It has become our basics needs in today's world.

Health not only matters for a person but also in environment,society,animals and birds.A man cannot be healthy when the society is polluted, if environment is degraded and birds and animals which are a part of Eco system are not healthy.Hence in my opinion, health is the sound state of environment.A healthy person is far better involved in making the environment healthy than an unhealthy person.Unhealthy person can do nothing as compared to healthy person in physical works.Some unhealthy people like Stephen Hawking,Helen Keller etc have done great things for the society.So, in my opinion healthy people only can do the physical works where unhealthy person can't.

As the unhealthy electronic appliances doesn't work like that the unhealthy person can't do anything.It is the sound state of environment and ecosystem where there is absence of disease.
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