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We Are Not For Aandolan(Strike)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kathmandu - Everyday students used to protest against the government at office time i.e. 9:00 Am to 11:00 Am in different places for high increment of price in petroleum products.People have to reach the destination in time but because of the protest the police didnt allow the vehicles to pass from chabahil(Kathmandu).This made us and me to walk on foot from chabahil to their destination and mine college.Not only at chabahil people suffered from this problem in different places in kathmandu valley.

"Why are the students really protesting for? Are they protesting for our good?", normal people who were suffered from strike must have asked these queries to themselves."Is giving trouble to us by protesting against our wish in our favour?", one asked."No they are not protesting to government they are protesting for their benefits." another replied.Likewise I was rushing fast to college I heard two college boys like me talking about the strike and going to college.One of them told "Its strike today so we need not go to college".Another guy told "ya, we can tell there was strike so we couldnot come in college.Lets go and enjoy somewhere".I donot know how they enjoyed and whether they went college or not.But I am sure many students enjoyed and didnt go to college and strike of students made some students do bad work.Another interesting thing was the people were over the roads walking to destinations.If people were really interested for protesting against the government they would be in road protesting not going to work.

But I saw people are in favour of peace and constitution.They dont mind such minor things and will be supporting constitution drafting process.They want a New Nepal; comprised of New Constitution,strike free,educational institutions as zone of peace,lack of problems and rapid growth in development.It is to see Nepalese dream comes true or not in specefied time?

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