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What do you like in a girl (physically)?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Answer by one of the girl: 
I'm just kinda curious... I'm a girl, and it'd be nice to see inside a guy's mind.Feel free to list personality qualities and such as well! Hair: Blonde, Brunette, Red Head, Black/Dark brown Straight, curly, wavy Long, medium, short, pixie (boy cut) Body: Nice boobs, nice butt (if you could just pick one), don't care Eyes: Blue, green, brown, hazel, any other color (list) Ethnicity: African/American, Latina, Caucasian, Asian, other (list) Height: Taller than you, shorter than you, same height Size: "Curvy", stick, "round", average Anything else? Thanks for taking this... "survey". I'm Asian, 5'6", brown eyes, black hair (obviously), 36C, and am 14.
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