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India's youngest CEO's, India's Mastermind, Application builder from India, GoDimensions co-founder

Friday, July 20, 2012

The two brothers from Chennai; India, Shravan Kumaran (10) and Sanjay Kumaran (12) have created some mobile phone applications that have witnessed over 10,000 downloads across the world already.

Two tech savvy brothers Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran have not yet completed academy but are already co-founders and President (Shravan)/CEO (Sanjay) of GoDimensions, a mobile applications firm.
Studying in sixth and eighth grades, the Kumaran brothers have created mobile phone applications that have witnessed over 10,000 downloads through out the world already.
The duo has already designed four applications for the Apple store that have been downloaded in over 20 countries.

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JB said...

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Anish Niroula said...

Thank you JB for your comment.

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