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No More Lies,Love is the sign of Maturity

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Even When Things May Not Be Working as Planned For Me I Genuinely Enjoy Seeing My Loved Ones Happy and Doing Well. Can you Say This About your

self? I Hope So! Very Few People Can be Happy For Others If Things Aren't Going Right In Their Life And That Makes Them Completely Unworthy Of Being Called a Bad person. Letting Go In a Relationship Is Probably One Of The Most Difficult Things In Life To Do.However, I Think It Is An Even Bigger Sign Of Maturity When you Can Do This Because you Are Wise Enough To Know that It is For The Best. If Time Apart Is What Is Needed And Wanted Then Let It Be. If You Let Them Go And They Don't Come Back To u Then It Was Something you Had To Go Through To Grow As a Person. People Who Want to be In your Life Will Find a Way To Place themselves back In It.
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