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Today was my badluck, How can Nepali people be so cruel?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Like always, I(Amir Khadka) was going to college on a blue micro from my home i.e Jorpati-3,Nayabasti to Old baneshwor. There were 19 people in the micro van including Me and the driver. According the rule, there should be 14-15 people in such micro but it was over loaded.
The seat formation in such micro's should be 1 ahead near the driver, 1 on the back, and on long seats, 6 on the right side and 4 on the left side. But what they changed in the formation is 2 ahead near the driver, 1 on the back and 7 on right, 5 on left and also 3-4 people standing by just only entering their heads inside the door of micro van.
Yes, we were 18 travelers in the van. All of them were from Nayabasti and among 18 some people were just up to chabahill. Due to overload the van's both tire was punctured near chhucheypati. The driver said, 'we cannot go further from this point, please go by another vehicle.' But nobody gave him the bus fair, also not by those who were just for chabahill. Instead those people who were upto chabahill said, 'How can we pay money just for half a way travel?' I was shocked with that behaviour and looked at the driver. He was in a great tension and I thought he wasnot in the mood of asking the fair we traveled. So I paid the money and I went by foot from chhucheypati to chabahill. It was going to be late for my college. So I catched up a '2 sha' Tempo and went to college.
How can Nepali people be such type? Where is the love and care that Nepali people show each other? I know with the fair of 18 people he can't buy 2 tyres but it would be great help for him. Please help each other if you are a human!!!

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