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Advantages of using Blogger platform

Friday, February 8, 2013

You are reading this means you wanna know the features of blogging platform Blogger in details or you are confused on choosing the best platform for you. Some years back I was also once confused on choosing the blogging platforms. I used to try out many platforms one after the another. I tried out Joomla, Wordpess, Blogger etc. But among all these I loved the two; Blogger and WordPress.

In this post we are not going to talk about WordPress and its features. We will be highlighting the Blogger features and advantages over other blogging platforms.One of the advantage of blogger is it's simple and Easy to use feature. Any one can be a blogger with this platform because its so much user friendly. There are thousands of sites providing blogger templates and tools for you to blog and most of them are all free. Hosting your blog on blogger is all free. You shouldn't have to pay for using this platform.

As blogger is a part of Google, your blog will never face server down problem and the blog will load fast. Your blog will be indexed quickly by Google because it belongs to them. You will almost not find any server down issues. Another advantage is your blog will be secure until and unless you have your Blogger account secure. Your Blogger blog can't be hacked easily because its Google's product.

Recently Google has updated one of the best thing in Blogger which was not available before. Google has been updating Blogger services but this one is the most important which is welcomed by lots of blogger users. Search Engine Optimization is made more advance in Blogger as it has added Search Preferences on the settings tab of Blogger ( I mean SEO friendly ). You can add search Meta Tags and post Search Description, set Errors and Redirection and customize Crawlers and Indexing features which will help you in every aspect. This recently added feature has made Blogger competitive with other blogging platforms.

[ Don't get me wrong here, WordPress is also the best in its own place. And share your opinion too. ]
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