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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I was wondering what to write today for the blog. After thinking for half an hour I came to conclusion to share my experiences about blogging. Blogging is not a big deal in my opinion. What is counted is how much popular your blog is or your blog articles. You people can also start your own blog and I am gonna help you with some tips. Even if you know nothing about blogging and website making you can make your own blog.


Step-By-Step Guide:

 First of all, to start your own blog or website you will have to register a domain name or grab a sub domain. You have to pay some amount of money to register a domain name (top level domains), while sub domains (like , etc) are freely available. If you are a fresher I recommend you to use sub domains provided by different sites.
  •  Sub-Domains from other Websites : You can also get sub domains from the two big blogging platforms Blogger and WordPress. Blogger provides sub domain name as "" and WordPress as "". Beside these two there are many others like Weebly, Tumblr, Webs, Livejournal etc.
Now, where to host your sub domain? Hosting are also available for free. If you are going to use sub domains from Blogger or WordPress, hosting is completely free and if you are going to use custom domain then you have to buy hosting plans from different companies like GoDaddy, HostGator etc for WordPress platform. Blogger is always free, so I am also using it. I suppose you understood the hosting stuffs if not you can contact me on facebook. Then you choose the platform to blog either Blogger or WordPress or Joomla or create your own if you can. Enjoy Blogging!
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