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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Domain names are the first and foremost requirements to make a website or blog. Since domain name are to be bought many websites provide sub-domains like for the people who don't want to grow blog or website as a professional just after starting it. Some of the sub-domains provider are Blogger, Wordpress, Webs etc. And in that line we too stood to provide sub-domains in the name of our domain for certain users. The users will be served in First In First Out (FIFO) basis.

How to get the sub-domain?

There is no any lengthy process or filling a large form to get the names for your site.
  1. You simply have to contact me by sending an email that you would like to use our sub-domain and mention its name in that email and remain in touch with me. You have to email me at -
  2. You can also like our Facebook Page and post the name of the sub-domain you wish to use as your blog. We will contact you as soon as possible explaining the future procedures to create your blog.
  3. And the simplest is to add me on Facebook and chat with me. I will guide you through the whole process that are required for a blogger to blog. My Facebook Profile - Amir Khadka.
Note: We will only help to setup the sub-domain names for Blogger hosted blog i.e. you can only redirect the sub-domain provided by us in Blogger.
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