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How to set up adsl router for Nepal Telecom?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yes guys today I am gonna help you on setting up ADSL router. I have tried out this route after all the way was not applicable for Nepal Telecom's ADSL service. Here in this tutorial I will show you setting up a Tp-link ADSL router to you.

Step-By-Step Guide

Connect your router to the power supply and wait for some time until you see three or more lights on the router. Now connect to the SSID of your router if you are setting up it with Laptop PC. If you are unaware of the SSID of your router, please reset the router by clicking the reset button and then connect to the free SSID that is of full strength.

After connecting, go to any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc and enter , you will be asked to provide username and password as shown in the figure. Use admin as a username and admin as a password (In most of the routers admin is default username and passwords).

After you login you will see the main page of your router like below.
Now goto Quick Start link and click it. Again you will be asked for confirmation, simply click Run Wizard or Next or whatever option is there to move forward. Now there comes another page describing you the steps for setting up Tp-link router. Click next and goto next step. Now select the time zone. Here you have to select the nearest time zone available i.e. New Delhi for Nepal as in the image below and click next.
Then you will see another page asking you what is the type of your ISP connection. You have to select PPoA/PPoE as I did in the image below and click next.
 Now the next window will ask you the username, password, VPI, VCI and connection type. Your default adsl username and password is adsl*your landline number* for example adsl4484202. Provide that username and password in the blank. The VPI and VCI should be 8 and 81 respectively. Note: Leave the connection type as it is. Just see the sample image below and follow then click next.
Now you will have to name your SSID and protect it using a security. After that click on next and you are asked to confirm if you are going to restart the new settings. Click on yes or next then you are done. You can enjoy surfing net without any problem. If you have any problem this tutorial couldn't respond please comment, I will try my best to solve it for you.
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