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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today I am happy to announce you guys that we have started LyricsSansar.Com as a lyrics portal for internet society. I have been working on this blog since many days so I couldn't post anything on Nepalic Blog for a long time. Also I can't give much time for blogging since I have my exams coming soon. LyricsSansar is simply another project of Nepalic (Nepal Internet Community).

What we did?

We have recently started the site. On the homepage i.e. LyricsSansar.Com we are updating the information about Bands, Popular Artists, News related to music, Album releases, New Songs, History of different types of music and revolution of Bands and their secrets. We are updating most of the lyrics from the three different languages i.e. Nepali, Hindi and English. The Nepali Songs Lyrics are available on , Hindi Songs Lyrics are available on and English Songs Lyrics on . You can also submit lyrics of your choice or your own song's if you don't find on our site, we will surely update the lyrics that you have sent to us.

What we aim?

We started this site in order to provide all the lyrics to you guys in a simple and fast way. We aim of providing all the updates of music world to music lovers. In future we are planning to help you access lyrics in a better and simpler way by softwares and so on.

Our Team ( Working for this Project )

Amir Khadka, that's me. I am the site developer and project manager for LyricsSansar. I have been updating most of the lyrics, band info and news related to singers and songs. Find more about me from My Personal Blog.

Manish Shreastha, We call him Patla Dai is dedicated in designing the outlook and writing lyrics on various categories. Thank You Manish Dai for being a part of our project.

Sagar Acharya, is a student of Computer Engineering and he is the content writer for this project and head of All About Computers! blog.

We welcome some of the dedicated people to join our project in coming times. See you again!
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