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Teej festival in Nepal, Nepali women's favourite festival teej, when is teej in nepal?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teej is a fasting festival mostly celebrated by Hindus Women's. Teej festival falls on Ashwin 02(18th september) this year.It is mostly celebrated in India and Nepal. it also celebrates the arrival of monsoon after a season of oppressive heat. "Teej" is a small red insect that comes out of the soil during rains. The first day of teej is also called Dar Khane Din. On this day mostly women's(but now men too) gather at one place and start singing dancing and eating varieties of foods. This day the women's take full joy and happiness. The second day is Brata(fasting) i.e the women's they don't eat anything whole day. The brata is kept by unmarried women's to get a better husband like Mahadev(a Hindu god) and kept by married women's for the peace and prosperity of their husband and family.
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